Music and Politics: Exhibition

Music and Politics

Music and PoliticsThis exhibition will present the connection between music and politics in the life of the Czech Republic.

The museum has a wide selection of audio, audio visual recordings and several artifacts from the revolution in the Czech Republic which was in 1848 to the present days. The Music and Politics exhibition will show the influence music and audio had on the political life. At the exhibition visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the history of the Czech Republic and the Music and Politics exhibition will show the links between music and the politics how music was one of the forms of protest and how it was a weapon to the political power at the same time. The exhibition will show the visitors the relationship between music, the revolution, politics and the war. It will reveal the role of music and the celebrities in the political campaigns as well and at the exhibition visitors will have also the chance to discover more on the role of music how it was at the service of the political propaganda. The Music and Politics exhibition will take place at the National Memorial on Viktov Hill in Prague. The exhibition will be shown from 15th May 2014 until 29th March 2015.

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