Prague Christmas Market 2014


Praha - PragueIt is 2014 and in not so long the annual Christmas Markets will come to Prague again. This is a major tourist attractions and tens of thousands of people come to Prague before Christmas to do their pre-Christmas shopping, drink som hot wine and to eat traditional Czech food.

The two biggest Christmas markets in Prague at the one at the Old Town Square and the one  at Wenceslas Square. If you are doing your planning now and wondering when the Christmas markets in Prague will be open and available, then here comes the answer.

Prague Christmas markets 2014 dates

November 29th – January 11th

It is worth noticing that the January 11th date has not been totally confirmed, but the fact that the Christmas Markets will open at November 29th is a fact, so you can start planning your trip to Prague already and get ready for handicraft fair, lots of sausages, white bread, beer, hot wine and other cool stuff at the Prague Christmas markets in 2014.

If you want to know more about the Prague Christmas markets, click the link to visit our page dedicated to the market.

If you come to Prague for this season and want to do some other cool program, and maybe taste the strongest beer brewed in all of Prague? If that is you, why not enjoy a beer dinner? Or if you want to do a river cruise on the river Vltava, read more about such cruises clicking the link.

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