Antonín Dvorák and Trains – Prague exhibition

Antonín Dvorák

Antonín DvorákAntonin Dvorák was a Czech composer who was born in 1841 and he died in 1904. He was really fascinated by trains and he once said: “I would give all my symphonies for inventing the locomotive”.

He was really amused by trains from a really early age and as a kid in his hometown Nelahozeves he observed the construction of the first railway between Prague and Dresden. Later as an adult he used to spend time at the railway station of Prague having conversations and discussing with the engine-drivers or just simply watch the life of the train station. Around 1892 he moved to New York and he was the director of the National Conservatory of Music.

During these years he lived in New York and his interest in trains was replaced by transoceanic steamships. The exhibition Antonín Dvorák and trains will let the visitors to have a look into the passion of Dvorák with trains and railways. The exhibition shows the development of the railway through the Czech Republic through the eyes of the famous composer. The manuscript of Antonín Dvorák popular Humoresque will be shown at the exhibition as well. The exhibition will take place at Antonín Dvorák Museum in Prague. It will be on display from 21st March 2014 until 3rd March 2015.

For more information on the museum and the exhibition check the official site.

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