ACDC concert in Prague 2016

ACDC PragueOnly three days after the ACDC concert in Vienna it is time for the old boys to come to the fantastic city of Prague to have a concert here. The venue for the ACDC concert in Prague is the Letnany Airport and it will be packed with people coming to have a good time, so if you want to be among them, get hold of your ACDC tickets today!

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While in Prague we absolutely recommend you that you check out one of the fantastic river cruises in town, and if you still have more spare time then a beer dinner is one of the coolest programs available.

And only a few weeks after the ACDC concert in Prague another event will take place that probably interests the common man in the Czech Republic far more than the ACDC concert, and that is the European Championship 2016 which will be arranged in France. The Czech Republic will also be there and they are in a tough group, but maybe then can surprise us again and win quite some matches and get on to the knockout stage?

Time will show! For more information about Prague and the famous attractions of the city look around here in our Prague Guide.

Oops, we forgot to write the date for the ACDC concert. The date for the concert is May 22nd and the event will start at 20.00

[stbpro id=”info”]We also forgot to write that if you want to know more about AC/DC then there is a documentary about the band available on Hulu which it titled ACDC in Performance. Find out more about how to watch it on Hulu right here.[/stbpro]