Bruce Springsteen Prague

The King is coming to Prague together with the E-Street Band. Would you like to be there as Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band come to Prague on May 28 2024?

Bruce Springsteen is a famous singer and songwriter from the United States. He is known for his rock and folk music. Bruce was born in New Jersey in 1949. He had his big break in the 1970s with his album “Born to Run.” This album became super popular and made him a star. The title song, “Born to Run,” is one of his most famous songs. It’s about freedom and the desire to escape to a better life.

Another well-loved song by Bruce Springsteen is “Born in the U.S.A.” This song talks about the experiences of American working-class people. Despite its upbeat sound, the song addresses serious topics.

Bruce Springsteen is often associated with the E-Street Band, a group of talented musicians who have played with him for many years. They are like a musical family, and their performances are known for their energy and passion.

Some other popular songs by Bruce Springsteen include “Thunder Road,” “Dancing in the Dark,” and “The River.” His music often tells stories about everyday life, struggles, and dreams. Bruce Springsteen continues to be a respected and influential figure in the world of music.

Bruce Springsteen Prague 2024

Location: Letnany Airport
Date: May 28

Tickets: Viagogo

You can buy tickets for the Bruce Springsteen concert in Prague using the link above. It will take you to a marketplace where you can buy tickets from other people directly, which means you can still buy tickets for the concert even though there are no tickets available at the official ticket portals.

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The best concerts in Prague this autumn!

In the mood for listening to some great music or enjoying some funky grooves while in Prague? Which are the coolest concerts coming up in the Czech capital this autumn? We have the list!

The number one venue for concerts in Prague is the O2 Arena. That is why all the hot-shots have their concerts there. But, who will come this autumn?

Michael Buble will come to Prague this autumn.
Michael Buble will come to Prague this autumn.

There is, however, some exceptions to the rule. While the most popular artists always perform in the O2 Arena, there is one band that will perform elsewhere and that is Metallica. Instead of playing in the O2 Arena, they will play at the Letnany Airport, making sure that even more people can enjoy the concert.

The coolest concerts in Prague during the autumn months of 2019

Metallica – Letnany Airport – August 18th

This is the concert that will welcome the autumn in Prague. If you are a Metallica fan, this is the place to be.

Ariana Grande – O2 Arena – September 8th

Ariana Grande isn’t only beautiful, she has an amazing voice, and the O2 Arena will be packed as she comes to sing at the start of September. Do you have your tickets in order?

Michael Buble – O2 Arena – September 17th

9 days after Ariana Grande has left Prague, a sweet boy will come to town to take her place. If you like Michael Buble, try to buy some tickets as quickly as possible to listen to him in Prague on September 17th.

Eros Ramazotti – O2 Arena – October 22nd

When it is getting colder outside, what feels better than listening to this old guy sing inside the O2 Arena. It will for sure warm the hearts of many women, and especially as he brings forth some of those old hits.

Andrea Bocelli – O2 Arena – November 30th

What better way to get the Christmas market period in Prague started than with Andrea Bocelli in the O2 Arena. This will be a highlight for those in love with his voice and his way of performing.

These are some of the concert highlights in Prague this autumn. If you want to enjoy even more programs, make sure to read about all those river cruises in Prague here in our Prague Guide. We can also help you with private airport transfers, beer dinner, and other programs, so look around here at for tips and advice.

If you know of other programs or events in Prague worth recommending, write a comment to share the info with our readers!

Robbie Williams concert in Prague 2017

Robbe Williams concert in Prague 2017It will be 100% take-off at Letnany Airport on August 19th. It is not because of an airplane, but because of Robbie Williams coming to perform on that day!

Robbie Williams has been to Prague several times earlier, and it is always a fantastic show and a cheering crowd waiting for those deciding to be present at the events. On August 19th at 16.00 Robbie Williams will perform in Letnany Airport (just outside Prague), and if you want to be there, you can easily lay your hands on some Robbie Williams tickets.

There are other great concerts coming up in Prague as well this summer. Before Robbie Williams come on August 19th, famous bands such as Guns N Roses, Depeche Mode and Deep Purple will perform in Prague this summer. If you want to buy tickets for any of these concerts just press the ticket link beneath and search for the artist you are interested in, and buy your tickets.

It might be that the concerts in Prague are not as great as the upcoming concerts in London or maybe the upcoming concerts in Paris. But, that isn’t so strange, considering how small a city Prague is compared to those two giants.

Robbie Williams Prague 2017

Letnany Airport
August 19th, 16.00

Tickets: Viagogo

The Robbie Williams concert will be arranged on August 19th, which is a Saturday. Why not make arrangements for an entire weekend in Prague, and combine the Robbie Williams concert with a magnificent river cruise, maybe a beer dinner and an excursion to some place outside Prague? You can read more about all these activities and much more in our Prague Guide.

Guns N’ Roses concert in Prague

On the Independence Day, on July 4th, it is time for a Guns N’ Roses concert in Prague at Letnany Airport. Would you like to be there?

Guns N’ Roses will be out touring lots of cities all across Europe this year. They will perform in cities like London, Lisbon, Paris and Stockholm, and of course they will come to Prague as well. It will be one crazy night of rock n’ roll, and it will for sure be a better activity on this day than to watch Independence Day (1 or 2).

If you want to be there at the Guns N’ Roses concert in Prague on July 4th, then you can buy tickets using the ticket link beneath.

Guns N Roses concert in Prague 2017
Guns N Roses concert in Prague 2017

Guns N Roses Prague 2017

Letnany Airport
July 4th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

After the Guns N Roses in Prague the bad will pack their suitcases and travel on to Paris. There they will perform at Stade de France before they come back to the region again to perform at Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna at July 10th. Choose for yourself when you want to listen to this legendary rock band. You can find tickets for all their concerts using the ticket link above.

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ACDC concert in Prague 2016

ACDC PragueOnly three days after the ACDC concert in Vienna it is time for the old boys to come to the fantastic city of Prague to have a concert here. The venue for the ACDC concert in Prague is the Letnany Airport and it will be packed with people coming to have a good time, so if you want to be among them, get hold of your ACDC tickets today!

To get yourself some tickets for the ACDC concert in Prague we recommend that you visit WorldTicketShop. There you can buy second hand tickets safely and securely and get your hands on them in good time before the concert. If you do not need tickets, but would rather buy yourself an ACDC CD or maybe a t-shirt, then visit and buy whatever effect you are looking for right away.

While in Prague we absolutely recommend you that you check out one of the fantastic river cruises in town, and if you still have more spare time then a beer dinner is one of the coolest programs available.

And only a few weeks after the ACDC concert in Prague another event will take place that probably interests the common man in the Czech Republic far more than the ACDC concert, and that is the European Championship 2016 which will be arranged in France. The Czech Republic will also be there and they are in a tough group, but maybe then can surprise us again and win quite some matches and get on to the knockout stage?

Time will show! For more information about Prague and the famous attractions of the city look around here in our Prague Guide.

Oops, we forgot to write the date for the ACDC concert. The date for the concert is May 22nd and the event will start at 20.00

[stbpro id=”info”]We also forgot to write that if you want to know more about AC/DC then there is a documentary about the band available on Hulu which it titled ACDC in Performance. Find out more about how to watch it on Hulu right here.[/stbpro]