How to watch the World Cup 2014 in Prague?

If you are coming to Prague in the coming month then you are probably curious to find out how to watch your favorite matches from the World Cup in Brazil while in the Czech Republic. There are several ways, and here you go!

The channel showing the World Cup matches in Czech Republic is CTV. That is an amazing channel, and in fact they have one of the best online coverages from the World Cup in the entire world, meaning that it is very easy for you to tune in to their website and watch all the matches online while in Prague. If you try to watch the matches from outside the Czech Republic on the CTV website it will though not work.

Ceska Televizie will also be available in your hotel room and wherever you go, meaning that you can watch all your favorite matches both in your hotelroom and also in restaurants and bars and pubs all across the Czech Republic. Unfortunately the Czech team will not be present in the World Cup, but some fantastic teams will be there, and probably you look just as much forward to some of the fantastic group stage matches as we do, such as the Spain – Netherlands match on June 13th, the England vs Italy match on June 14th and the Germany – Portugal match on June 16th. Full World Cup schedule can be found here.

Hope you will enjoy watching the World Cup matches while in Prague! If you have some free time between the matches, why not check out a Prague river cruise as well?

How can I watch the Olympics in the Czech Republic?

I recently moved to the Czech Republic, but do not really understand the Czech language yet. I therefore thought watching the Olympics would be a great way of watching sports and listening to the language at the same time? How can I watch the Olympics in the Czech Republic, both on TV and online?

To watch the Winter Olympics arranged in Sochi on TV, you need to make sure that you have Ceska Televizie in your TV subscription. You probably do, because it is the leading channel in the Czech Republic. Online they will have up to 6 channels broadcasting from the Winter Olympics, and on the TV screens they will broadcast to at least 2 or 3 channels. The best is of course to watch in front of a large TV, but if you want to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi on your computer instead, then you just visit the Ceska Televizie website and watch from there.

If you find out that you miss the English language and English commentators, you might want to watch live from the Olympics with English commentaries online as well, more instructions on how to do that in this article!

For those who want to watch Ceska Televizie and the Olympics in Czech from outside the Czech republic, the following article will give you instructions on how to do that!