Beer trip to Kozel from Prague

Have you heard about the beer from Kozel? The Kozel beer is exported to lots of nations worldwide, and it is easy to understand why you are eager to visit the homeplace of this fantastic beer.

Kozel Beer

The Kozel brewery is located in Velke Popovice, a city only 25km from the heart of Prague. For that reason, you can easily do a trip to the brewery and taste some unfiltered beer, and continue with your program in Prague both before and after the program. Does it sound cool?

Which is the best beer in the Czech Republic?

Best Czech BeerEveryone knows the best beers can be found in the Czech Republic, but when you are on a holiday how to decide which is the best beer to try in the Czech Republic?

In this article you can read about the best beers you can find in the home of beers. The answer on this is not as easy as you would expect. The most popular beer in the Czech Republic is Gambrinus which has a 4.3% alcohol content. The other really popular beer in the Czech Republic is Kozel’s Medium which won the award for the best Czech beer in 2008 and it has 4.6% alcohol content. The third most popular beer of our list is Pilsner. It is also a Czech beer which is a type of pale lager. The beer was first produced in 1843, Pilsner has a brown golden colour and lighten flavour. The strength of the alcohol is between 4.5-5%. These are the most popular and most typical Czech beers but there are several other beer brands (Staropramen, Bernard, Budvar and so on) in the Czech Republic worth trying, so you should for sure not leave the Czech Republic thirsty after a holiday in Prague.

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