Which is the best beer in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is famous for all its breweries and fantastic beer. It is the country in the world with the most breweries per person in the country, counting more than 4000 breweries in total. That makes it hard to decide which beers to taste and drink as you come to Prague. We cannot give you a perfect answer to the question, but we will try to give you some help as you try to find the best beer in the Czech Republic.

Let us start by telling you something obvious. Beer tastes much better if you drink it with people you love and that you have a good time with. In other words, come to Prague with great friends and taste the different beers together with them.

The three most famous breweries in the Czech Republic.

But, which are the brands you should taste? There are several world-famous beer brands that originate from the Czech Republic. The most famous is the Pilsner Urquell brewery, where popular beers such as the Pilsner, Gambrinus, and Kozel beers are produced.

Another famous brewery is the Budweiser brewery. This is “only” the fourth largest brewery in the Czech Republic, but if you look at the export numbers, it is the second largest. As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Budweiser beers on the shelf in stores worldwide.

A third well-known brewery is Staropramen. They are first of all known for their Staropramen beer, but they also produce Ostravar, Branik, Velvet, and some others.

The best beers in the Czech Republic.

There is no such thing as the best beer in the Czech Republic. If you ask locals and/or tourists, they will all give you different answers. Some will say that the traditional Pilsner is the best, while others swear that the Gambrinus with a 4.3% alcohol content is the best.

There are some beer competitions from time to time, and in 2008, Kozel’s Medium won the award for the best Czech beer. But, it doesn’t really matter because what matters is what you feel when you drink the beer. Do you like it?

There are many lists online where people share their thoughts about the best beers in the Czech Republic. Some lists claim that Pilsner Urquell really is the best, while others say that this is just a commercial beer. It is still a fact that you will find it on the top of many lists, so you should definitely taste it as you come to Prague.

Taste local beer at a beer dinner in Prague.

Would you like to skip the commercial beers and rather taste beers from a local brewery in Prague? Does it sound cool to taste the strongest beer in all of the Czech Republic? You can do all of this if you come to the following beer dinner not far from the city center of Prague.

It is also possible to find a grocery store and buy 10-15 brands and then arrange your own beer tasting in your hotel room or apartment. Do not forget to buy some snack that you can eat in between as you need to cleanse your mouth between the different beers to feel the differences better.