Tram 22 – A fantastic way to discover Prague!

Greetings, fellow explorers! If you’re eager to soak in the wonders of Prague, Tram Line 22 is your ticket to an unforgettable journey. Let’s embark on a simple guide, tracing the tram’s path from its starting point at Bílá Hora, winding through historic sites like Prazski Hrad, Malostranská, the Charles Bridge, Most Legi, Národní Třída, Karlovo Náměstí, and concluding at Nádraží Hostivař.

What can you see as you travel with tram line 22 in Prague?

1. Bílá Hora: Where History Begins

Our tram journey kicks off at Bílá Hora, a place steeped in history. As the tram sets forth, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the echoes of the Battle of White Mountain. Take a moment to appreciate Bílá Hora Square, home to the striking Church of St. John of Nepomuk, a testament to Prague’s rich past.

2. Prazski Hrad: The Castle Majesty

Tram Line 22 then gracefully glides into the iconic Prazski Hrad – Prague Castle. Gaze in awe at this majestic fortress perched atop the hill, adorned with spires and steeped in centuries of history. Consider disembarking here to explore the castle complex, a treasure trove of architectural wonders, including the renowned St. Vitus Cathedral.

tram 22 in prague

3. Malostranská: A Stroll Through Lesser Town

Next stop, Malostranská! Disembark here to explore Lesser Town’s charming streets, adorned with colorful buildings and cobblestone paths. Meander through the alleys, soaking in the old-world charm, and perhaps indulge in a delightful coffee at one of the quaint cafes that dot the area.

4. Charles Bridge: A View to Remember

As Tram Line 22 continues its journey, get ready for a spectacular view of the Vltava River and the famous Charles Bridge. Although the tram doesn’t cross the bridge itself, consider hopping off at Malostranské náměstí for a leisurely stroll across this iconic landmark. Capture the breathtaking scenery and absorb the lively atmosphere.

charles bridge

If you want to visit the Petrin Hill, get off at Ujezd and take the funicular to the top of the Petrin Hill.

5. Most Legi: Bridge Vibes

The tram then passes across Most Legi, a modern bridge offering fantastic views of the river and the city. Enjoy the contemporary architecture and the hustle and bustle of the riverbanks as you traverse this picturesque part of Prague.

6. Národní Třída: Urban Elegance

Tram Line 22 glides through Národní Třída, an urban hub pulsating with life. Here, you’ll find a mix of shops, theaters, and vibrant energy. Immerse yourself in the city’s urban elegance, whether you choose to explore the shops or simply observe the local buzz.

7. Karlovo Náměstí: Central Square Charm

As the tram inches closer to its final destination, it passes through Karlovo Náměstí, a central square surrounded by historical buildings and lively activity. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere and perhaps explore the nearby streets before continuing your tram adventure.

8. Nádraží Hostivař: Journey’s End

Finally, Tram Line 22 arrives at its last stop – Nádraží Hostivař. This district, nestled in the southeastern part of Prague, provides a glimpse into local life. Take the opportunity to explore Hostivař Park or discover the hidden gems in the surrounding area. This is one of the largest parks in Prague and a very peaceful area. Why not bring some food and a blanket along and have your picnic here?

tram number 22 in prague

Tram Line 22 is a magical journey through Prague’s history, architecture, and vibrant neighborhoods. Whether you’re captivated by ancient castles, charming streets, or bustling squares, this tram adventure promises an enriching experience in the heart of this beautiful city. All aboard for an exploration of Prague’s wonders!

Where can I buy tickets for the tram?

You can buy tickets for trams and public transportation at the larger stops in Prague. At such places you can find ticket machines where you can buy the needed tickets before getting onboard. It is also possible to by tickets inside the trams (normally), but it is always easier to arrange it before you start your journey.

If you plan on discovering Prague with the help of tram 22, a 24-hour pass is the best solution as you can get on and off the tram at any time without having to worry about time limits. You can read more about public transportation in Prague here.

Is Prague a dirty city?

Are you planning a trip to Prague, but you are worried about it being dirty? Have you heard people complaining about the city? What is the truth? Is Prague floating in garbage, or is it really a nice looking and clean city?

There are cities where you walk around and it almost feels as if you are walking on garbage. That might be especially true about Saturday and Sunday morning when the party people have thrown all their garbage on the streets the evening before. Other cities simply doesn’t have a well working litter removal policy, meaning that the garbage cans are packed and the garbage is floating on the street nearby the garbage cans, simply because they are full and people have nowhere else to throw the litter. But, what’s up with Prague? What should you expect in the Czech capital?

Is it much pollution and dirt in Prague?
Is it much pollution and dirt in Prague? Source: Pixabay

Prague and garbage

Many people think that Eastern Europe equals dirt and garbage. But, the fact is that it is often the very opposite that is the truth. How come? In rich nations and in popular nations, they do not really have to do anything, because the tourists will keep coming no matter what.

But, in cities like Prague and other cities in the Eastern Europe, there is a much bigger fight for the tourists. This isn’t only true about the cities themselves, but when you visit a restaurant you will experience the same. The quality and the look of the restaurants is often way cleaner, simply because there is a struggle to survive, and therefore, they feel the need of making it look nice and clean (including the bathrooms).

When you walk the streets of Prague, you will quickly discover that it is almost free of garbage. This has to do with people throwing less garbage on the streets, and also the fact that no garbage on the street makes people watch out so that they do not throw garbage on the street. It is strange, but that is how it works. If you have some garbage in your pocket and it falls on the street next to a cigarette and a chocolate paper, you will leave it there. But, if it falls out of your pocket to the street and it is completely clean, you will most likely pick it up and throw it in a garbage can on the next corner.

Once again – Is Prague a dirty city?

The answer is no! It is, in fact, the very opposite of dirty. Things are clean, the streets are clean, and it looks very nice no matter what time of the year you come. Even during the Christmas markets at the Old Town Square and at the Wenceslas square, they manage to keep the city clean and without much garbage falling to the street.

There is, of course, pollution in Prague. As a result, some of the buildings starts to look a bit dirty and black, even though they might have been shining and beautiful a few decades ago. That is natural and it comes with all the traffic and airport transfers bringing hundreds of thousands of people to and from the city center of Prague every single day.

But, for you as a tourist walking the streets of Prague, you shouldn’t have to suffer much because of pollution or garbage in the streets.

When it comes to the polluted buildings, there is a constant work on renewing and cleaning these buildings, giving them all back their former glory. Besides this, as more and more electric cards and hybrid cars are used in the Czech capital, there is a hope that things will look better and better for every year passing by.

For those worried about the quality of the air in Prague, there isn’t that much to worry about. Luckily, the Old Town is well sealed off from traffic, meaning that you will not bump into a lot of car traffic during your stay (hopefully). If you leave the old town, you will, but as long as you walk around in the walking area of the city, you should be safe!