Prague fifth most popular destionation in Europe

According to the newest Travelers’ Award recently published by TripAdvisor for 2011 Prague is the fifth most popular travel destination in Europe in 2011. The first places are kept by Paris, Rome, London and Barcelona, and then comes Prague. What an honor! We know that our city is beautiful, but it is always nice when visitors come with nice feedback and tell us how satisfied they are. And since TripAdvisor is made up by travelers opinions, this is great stuff! So, come to Prague and check it out for your self!

Top 25 Destinations in Europe:
1. Paris
2. Rome
3. London
4. Barcelona
5. Prague
6. Venice
7. St. Petersburg
8. Florence
9. Edinburgh
10. Istanbul
11. Amsterdam
12. Capri
13. Dublin
14. Berlin
15. Dubrovnik
16. Oia
17. Stockholm
18. Bruges
19. Amalfi
20. Vienna
21. Krakow
22. Reykjavik
23. Rothenburg
24. Interlaken
25. Positano