Concerts in Prague

Concerts in Prague

Prague is a city with lots of cool artists dropping by. We keep on trying to update our page with information about upcoming concerts and events, so if you want up to date information, check back regularly. We do not feature all kinds of small Prague concerts on this page, but we focus in on those we believe most tourists and locals will be interested in, meaning those concerts with hotshots from all around the world coming to Prague.

That means when Coldplay, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Metallica, Rihanna and other stars come to Prague, you will find information about their concerts and the concert venues here.

If you look for programs in Prague, but not only concerts, but also festivals, events and exhibitions, visit our What’s on in Prague page.

Concerts and events in Prague

Guns N Roses concert in Prague 2017
Guns N' Roses concert in Prague
Prague concerts
Robbe Williams concert in Prague 2017
Robbie Williams concert in Prague 2017
Prague concerts



Concert venues in Prague

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