Enrique Iglesias concert 2016

enrique-iglesias concert in Prague

Only six days before magical Christmas Eve another magical event will take place in Prague. On December 18th Enrique Iglesias will perform in Tesla Arena.

Enrique Iglesias will without a doubt bring Christmas to the hearts of thousands of ladies out there. He might not have to mention Christmas or sing about Christmas, but in the moment they take a look at him their hearts will soften and Christmas will arrive. Now, Christmas isn’t really about Enrique Iglesias, but about the birth of Jesus Christ, but if Enrique Iglesias can help bring Christmas close to our hearts, then that is wonderful!

Enrique Iglesias will only perform three times in Europe before Christmas this year and the last of those concerts is the one in Prague on December 18th. Before he arrives to the Czech capital he will perform in Vienna (Austria) on December 14th and in Krakow (Poland) on December 16th. If you can not come to Prague for the concert on December 18th then it is nice to know that Vienna is only 3 hours by car from Prague, so why not drive to Vienna to listen to Enrique Iglesias there? You can buy tickets to all these concerts using the link further down in the article.
enrique-iglesias concert in Prague

Enrique Iglesias concert in Prague

Tesla Arena
December 18th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to celebrate Christmas with some Czech beer, why not enjoy our Czech Beer dinner? Or maybe spend some hours on a river cruise? There are lots of magnificent programs waiting for you in Prague, and you can read more about all of those here!

We almost forgot to mention it, but at this time there will be crowds of people in Prague. Why? Because of the annual Christmas markets. These are extremely popular and among the most beautiful in all of Europe, so make sure to check them out as you come to Prague.

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