Enrique Iglesias concert 2016

Only six days before magical Christmas Eve another magical event will take place in Prague. On December 18th Enrique Iglesias will perform in Tesla Arena. Enrique Iglesias will without a doubt bring Christmas to the hearts of thousands of ladies out there. He might not have to mention Christmas or sing about Christmas, but in […]

Green Day concert in Prague 2017

On January 22nd it is time for a Green Day concert in Prague. This is only one day after the Green Day concert in Krakow, so get ready to rock with Green Day in Tesla Arena in Prague. Green Day is one of the biggest rock bands in the world right now, and they have […]

Massive Attack Prague 2010

June is probably the month of big concerts in Prague in 2010. If you do not understand what I mean, check out the list of events in Prague in 2010 to understand why. Massive Attack is one of the bands coming to Prague in June 2010, and they will perform at Tesla Arena June 21st. […]

Mika Prague 2010

It is time to celebrate for fans of Mika, because Mika will perform in Prague in 2010. Many have been waiting for a chance to see him perform in Prague, and the chance has now arrived. The Mika concert will be arranged in the Tesla Arena July 26th! Mika Prague Tesla Arena July 26, 20.00 […]

Seal Prague 2010

For fans of Seal a dazzling experience is coming up in Prague, as seal is expected to come to the capital of Czech Republic to have an amazing concert July 6th, 2010. The Seal concert will start at 20.00 and it will be arranged in the venue normally used for icehockey, Tesla Arena. Tickets are […]

Slash Prague 2010

Slash will perform in Tesla Arena Prague June 8th, 2010. If you want to be there as he performs, sings and plays, tickets can be bought using the link below. Slash Prague Tesla Arena June 8, 19.30 Tickets: WorldTicketShop Concerts – events in Prague

Simply Red Prague 2010

Come on, this is great news and one of the hottest events in Prague in 2010. Simply Red is coming to town and they will perform at Tesla Arena November 14th, 2010. Tickets are still available and can safely be bought using the link below. The event starts at 20.00 so if you want to […]

Boo! Prague 2010

Boo! will perform at Tesla Arena in Prague. Thousands of people can be there at this hot and dazzling event, and if you want to be one of them, use the link below for ordering your ticket today. If you rather just have a fine meal in Prague, why not check out a Prague restaurant? […]