Green Day concert in Prague 2017

green-day in Prague

On January 22nd it is time for a Green Day concert in Prague. This is only one day after the Green Day concert in Krakow, so get ready to rock with Green Day in Tesla Arena in Prague.

Green Day is one of the biggest rock bands in the world right now, and they have been so for a long time. We are not so big Green Day fans, but we must admit that Basket Case from Green Day still is a song that makes us smile whenever we hear it. Can Basked Case bring a smile to your face as well? Check out the Basket Case video beneath and listen to the song. If it does, then maybe you will want to come to Prague on January 22nd to be there at the Green Day concert in Prague as well?

Green Day Prague 2017

green-day in PragueDate: January 22nd
Venue: Tesla Arena
Time: 19:00
Tickets: Viagogo

Above you can find the link to the site where you can buy tickets for the Green Day concert in Prague in 2017. You can also see the exact date, time and venue for the concert, so if you want to be there, this is your chance.

If you have some time left before or after the concert, then you should of course enjoy a river cruise in Prague while in town. You could of course consider a beer dinner to taste and drink the local cuisine as well. Read more about these and other Prague activities here in our Prague Guide.

If you want to go to Krakow to check out the Green Day concert there instead, visit for more information about Krakow and what’s going on there,

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