Metallica Prague 2018

It might be that Metallica will fool around in Prague on Fool’s day in 2018, but on April 2nd, they will be ready in the O2 Arena to rock the venue. Metallica will arrive in Prague from Vienna. They will play in the Austrian capital on March 31st but have their day to relax on […]

Metallia Prague concert 2014

Metallica is out there touring again, and in one of the warmest months of the year in the Czech Republic, this popular rock band will come to town. Metallica will not do an indoor concert, luckily, but they will do an outdoor concert when coming to Prague, and the venue for this amazing Prague event […]

Metallica Prague 2012

On May 7th, this beautiful Monday, Metallica will come to Prague to rock the stage in the O2 Arena. This venue has a seating capacity of around 18,000 people, so it will for sure be crowded and a great atmosphere as the crowded venue welcomes Metallica on the stage. The rock!n roll band Metallica was […]