Depeche Mode concert in Prague 2017

One of the highlights in Prague in 2017 will for sure be the Depeche Mode concert in May. Information about the Depeche Mode concert in Prague – Tickets, Venue, Time and more.

People coming to Prague in May often come because of the annual Beer Festival which last for a couple of weeks in May. In 2017 you will have one more major reason to come to Prague in May and that is the Depeche Mode concert. This Prague concert will be arranged on May 24 and the venue for the event is Eden Arena (which was formerly called the Synot Tip Arena). The concert itself is supposed to start at 19.00 and if you want to be there at the Depeche Mode concert in Prague you can buy tickets from the site to referred to further down in the article.

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This Depeche Mode concert will be one out of several concerts in Europe in 2017. They will not only visit Prague, but they will also visit Bratislava, Budapest, Stockholm, Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Nice and lots of other cities. The tour will celebrate their album “Spirit” which will be released in the spring of 2017. Be sure to listen to the album before the tour so that you will be in tune with the new songs which will be played during the Depeche Mode concert in Prague as well.

Depeche Mode concert in Prague 2017

Venue: Eden Arena
Time: May 24th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you have some more time in Prague then make sure to visit the beautiful attractions of the city. The Vitus Cathedral is famous and the same can be said about the Tyn cathedral. But, the most famous of all attractions in Prague is the Charles Bridge. Do not miss out on any of these while in Prague!

Depeche Mode Prague Concert 2014

Depeche Mode PragueThe amazing band Depeche Mode will come to Prague and the O2 Arena only one day after the Ennio Morricone concert. There will for sure be a bit different atmosphere during this concert, and if you have ever been to a Depeche Mode concert before, you probably know why! This is going to be amazing!

The Depeche Moe concert will be arranged on February 10th in the O2 Arena in Prague, and if you want to be there, tickets can still be bought online, just use the link further down on this page. The band formed in 1980 will enter the stage some time after 20.00, but you should be there much earlier, because it will get packed when Depeche Mode comes to Prague!

Depeche Mode tickets:

Depeche Mode Prague 2013

Depeche Mode Prague 2013Depeche Mode visited Prauge on January 14th in 2010, but that feels like ages ago and far back in time. That is what makes us so happy to hear that Depeche Mode is coming to Prague again in 2013 and we are all invited to come and listen to the music, dance along and have fun as Depeche Mode will perform in Synod Tip Arena on July 23rd in 2013. This date is more than half a year in front of us in time as we write this article, but that makes it easy to plan and you can already now book your hotel,book a Prauge river cruise, maybe a beer dinner, and let us not forget… order your Depeche Mode tickets for the concert. You can find some pages selling tickets at the bottom of this article.

Depeche Mode has sold more than 100 million cd’s and albums, which makes them one of the most popular bands on the planet at the moment. The current members Dave Gahan, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore have lots to brag about, but they keep on working hard to improve and make even better music for their fans to enjoy. A new CD is on the way, and if you want to get your hands on that as soon as it is released, or maybe buy it in MP3 version, then why not visit and order it from there.

Depeche Mode is now a 32 year old band and by the time July 23rd arrives when Depeche Mode comes to Prague the band will be 33 years old. Quite an age, and what a success! Do not miss out on this event, which might be the hottest and most visited concert in 2013 in Prague.

Depeche Mode Prague 2013

Synod Tip Arena
July 23rd, 20.00

Tickets: Seatwave.comViagogo – WorldTicketShop

If you want to see Depeche Mode more than once in 2013, why not visit their concert in Paris as well?

Depeche Mode Prague

Depeche Mode is coming to Prague again in 2010 and fans are looking forward to this big event that will take place January 14, 2010. It might be cold outside in Prague in this period, but inside the O2 Arena it will then for sure be hot and thousands of fans ready to see their heroes live on stage. The Depechde Mode concert in Prague will start at 20.00.

Depeche Mode Prague
January 14, 2010 – 20:00
O2 Arena Prague

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

While in Prague to see Depeche Mode, why not join in on a guided tour as well?