Comic-Con in Prague 2020

Are you in love with comic books, videogames, board games, films, fantasy, art, and all of the sort? Comic-Con in Prague is a festival exactly for you. Here you can enjoy programs, meat celebrities, and feel like Sheldon did in the Big Bang Theory whenever he went to Comic-Con. The first Comic-Con took place in […]

Metallica Prague 2018

It might be that Metallica will fool around in Prague on Fool’s day in 2018, but on April 2nd, they will be ready in the O2 Arena to rock the venue. Metallica will arrive in Prague from Vienna. They will play in the Austrian capital on March 31st but have their day to relax on […]

Laver Cup (Tennis)

Named after the famous Rod Laver, the Laver Cup in tennis will be arranged for the first time in 2017. It will be held in Prague and the O2 Arena this year. The plan with the tournament is that it will be arranged every year, except from the years in which the Summer Olympics are […]

Justin Bieber Prague 2016

Justin Bieber will come to Prague in 2016 and the date for the Justin Bieber concert is November 12th. Information and tickets for the Justin Bieber Prague 2016 concert. The Justin Bieber concert in Prague will be arranged on November 12th which is exactly one day after the Justin Bieber concert in Krakow which will […]

The Tenors concert in Prague 2015

The Tenors will be on a tour from the summer of 2015 in which they will be on stage in Prague as well. The Tenors are a Canadian vocal quartet which was formed in 2007. The band consists Remigo Pereia, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray. The band performs operatic pop which means that […]

Titanic Live in Prague

Good news for the Titanic lovers because the Titanic Live show will visit Prague as well during its tour in 2015. Titanic Live show is a real life cinematic event which will bring to life the epic score of James Horner from Titanic by Celtic musicians, choir and a 90 piece orchestra while the movie […]